A year older

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

A year older, a year wiser!!!
A year crazier, a year weirder!!!
As I celebrate my natal day, basking in the warmth and love of my closed ones.
Enjoying the feast and the fast doting conversations, exhilarating in the present.
I look back to see what I have gained – people, love, care, money and fame, but yet there is a dearth.
A hunt within, so determinedly and desperately, for a soul soothing experience.
A soul which is the intrinsic element of thyself.
It soothes its pain, healing itself, turning happiness and pain both into wisdom.
Satisfied by its own existence and gratified by the others.
Learning to celebrate the ordinary and the extraordinary moments.
And here it was, as I crack on the purpose of its own existence.
What do I say, with the few grey fringes hanging on my forehead – I spread my own gratification to the mortal life – Celebrate Oneself, Celebrate People, Celebrate life.
Now I was definitely sure and assured.


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