Circle of LiFe

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As I count losses of my own and others, tears rolled down my cheeks. There is pain and agony.
I look through the dark sky searching for answers.
Answers or reassurances, I was not clear.
Figuring out some unanswered questions, I ask almighty what is this all about.
He looks and asks, you didn’t ask me that in your good old times.
The insignificant mortal that I was, I looked at him with my stony eyes.
There was a brilliance in him, that reminded me of lessons I forgot.
Life is a circle, with beginning and end.
There is no guidelines around the timing of arrival or departure.
All that mattered was what was created between the two points.
The stony eyes now gruelling, prayed for one last time.
Achievements I have, give me people to celebrate it.
Pride I have, give me failures to humble it.
Anger I carry, give me pain to submerge it.
Love I have, give me strength to double it.
Food I have, give me family to share with.
Secrets I have, give me friends to spread it.
Fear I have, be with me to overcome it.
All I carry at the end of my journey is a soul filled with content and humbleness, give me courage to pursue it.
Gruelling eyes now filled with tears, urges thyself to live life to the fullest, celebrating the victories, mourning the losses, creating the memories to carry forward.
It is a circle, beautiful beginnings to beautiful endings … to beautiful beginnings again.
He leaves me there alone with my mind, reminding that I have more days left, to pursue my search.
A search that continues for a more meaningful life.


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