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As I wake up in the morning, hurrying to work, I realise that oh, now I am confined to work from home.
I start my work, I take my breaks, there is something that is amiss.
I look out of the window glaring the sky.
The sky is clear and glares back at me.
I did smile and like a flash in front of me, I had my blessings to count.
A place to work, home to come back to.
Friends to hang around with, family to support.
Food to eat and people to share with.
Every morning I get up to the messages of friends and calls from family.
Just to figure out whether are we all doing good.
Virus created the trouble, teaching us that we are mere mortals.
Mortals who need to merely slow down and enjoy the moments of life.
I get up each morning now, breathing in and out, the Joy to know my loved ones are breathing and safe.
The mere breathing which never made its essence felt.
I realised I was blessed as the essence was there in my life and all my loved ones. Could I ask for more, I was not sure.


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