Intolerable Moms

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As I look out of the window, sitting on the porch, with the blissful sun rays falling over me, reminding me of how lucky I am to have a lazy day all by myself, with a big cup of piping hot coffee, my mind gets diverted to something peculiar and I would refer these set of peculiar thoughts as “Intolerable Moms”. Yes, my mind is now running around the creatures we call as “Moms”.

I always found my mom to be a hyper sensitive, I know all, I can do it all, I mean it types person. She would bother me with, “did you eat, did you study, learn cooking, you are getting married, your maid doesn’t work, you don’t know how to do this and that? etc.” and I would be like, God mom I am big girl now, rather a 26 yr old, stop writing appendix for me. This continued until another Mom arrived into my life, when I got married. Imagine Two different people with the similar thoughts leaving similar impactful imprint in my life. I managed around the intolerable creatures as I put on some weight and lost hair in the whole process.

Then one day, my Outlook changed. The day my son popped out of my body, the way I looked at these creatures changed. My dad was always my super hero until my son arrived. I could feel the change in my body, mind and soul and I understood what it meant to be intolerant. It came on to me like a cloud of rain pouring, I understand, that dad earned the money but here these gorgeous ladies ran the house. They clocked 24/7 in the house, serving everybody’s needs, all taken care off without a pause, ignoring themselves and putting the whole house as their top priority as if that was why they were reproduced and recruited into this world. And at the end of the day, no credits or no applause to them but yet no complaints. They would anyways continue serving. What I am, what the man I married is, a part of all the good vibes in us, somewhere was imbibed by these beautiful creatures. How could I ever take their credit away. Love you Moms and I am blessed to have you both in my life. To all those women who are young ones, old moms, going to be moms, or acting moms, I would never call you “Intolerable” but you are all “Incredible”. Absolutely “Incredible Moms” .


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