Love Liberates

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As I read Maya Angelou’s (American poet) words on love, it moved me and my eyes went moist. She writes, — love liberates, it doesn’t bind, love says “I love you”, near or far, but yet I love you. My thoughts build up and I could write my own thoughts about it.

You are born through the womb of love. You walk holding the hands of love.
You talk, you smile with the people you love. What is love?
Love is a powerful ardour, which exists deep within you.
When you knock on it, it gushes out with energy.
An energy that can spread a high elevation of happiness.
A happiness which can inundate you with warmth and care.
Warmth embraces you tight, care uplifts you from one’s own misery.
And then contentment starts to reside in the inner self, pushing you to rise to a level higher.
Higher where you can feel the pure air, air that embodies the piousness in you.
And then love liberates, liberates you into the universe, to shine like a glowing star.
Star that’s a part of the enigmatic universe. Closer to the Supreme power.
Yes love liberates. To love is to discharge, the negative ions present within oneself.
To extend oneself to be one with the universe”.


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