A Letter to my SONS

Photo by Diana Akhmetianova on Pexels.com

Dear Sons,
I have been blessed abundantly by having you both in my life. It is a bliss to see you both grow. I have always felt blessed to be part of your good days and bad days. It’s a wonderful feeling to keep you both protected. I hope you both would agree with me. As days go by and I see that now you both are moving in a direction where you would be in the world, on your own. I was wondering what else I could give you both other than love and protection, that’s when I thought I would write a letter to you both. Life is a journey by itself, with ups and downs and with joys and hard times. I collated my experiences to share with you. Here it comes …..

Growing up days – Enjoy you’re growing up years. Grab it full hand. Play, study, enjoy, laugh, and cry as much as you can. Pick up friends on your way, they would last a lifetime. Be a part of your family time always, these time will be a part of your best memories.
Success and failures – Part of the same book. How important success is in your life, failures are equally important. They teach you more than what success could teach. So treat it as equal with humility and with grace. And rise yourself to the heights of success and prosperity.
Relationships – The ships of life. They could be in any form. Family, friends, colleagues, people whom you meet in the journey of your life, they would become a part of one of the most integral segment of your life. Give them the best and keep them as much as you can. Give them your time because they have given you theirs. Treasure them. Knowingly or unknowingly, they have contributed to your success. It’s no fun to be on the top if you are alone.
Special Relationships – These are the relationships that would happen to you accidentally. People might walk into your life and stay there in the most unexpected times. These are the ones who would know you in and out, stay with you in your good and bad times and above all they would never be judgmental of you. Keep them. A shoulder to lean on, a heart that will care for you forever, a soul that knows you without judging you, it will be your most valuable possession of your life, so don’t let them go.
You and Yourself – All said and done, you are equally important. Ensure that you stay physically and mentally healthy. You are as important as the others, so treat yourself well. But don’t be selfish. In the process of growing, you will learn, your own balance, of how to handle yourself and others equally. Love yourself enough. You are responsible for yourself and nobody else is.
Letting go – The critical lessons of all – letting go. There will be times when you will make mistakes, when others will hurt you. You will go through a suffering process. It would be utmost painful, but at the end of it, let it go. Forgive yourself, forgive the others, let go of the anger, frustrations, unfulfilled expectations but don’t forget the lessons it gave. Let the negative feelings go. Soar above all these, converting pain into a joyful experience and move on. You will become successful as a human being, and the rest of the materialistic success will fall in place.
End of journey – As they tell, everything that begins has to end. As you move towards the end of your journey, of all the wealth that you would have accumulated, you would only take your goodness and the inner peace and then leave the world to have an appraisal with the Supreme. So be prepared, know your ultimate objective and work towards it. Leave your imprint in this world when you are gone.

That’s a lot of it from your Mom for now. I hope you cherish my lessons to you both and grow to be successful in all the fields of life and more than all successful and happy human beings. God bless you both.
I would want to end the letter with the quote from the famous “Maya Angelou” (the famous American poet) – “My mission in life is not merely to survive but to thrive and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humour and some style.”
You’re lovingly,


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