Start by Starting

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“Start by Starting”, when I read this quote by the famous Meryl Streep, I was instigated in to a mode of thoughts. It was one of those quotes, which knocks your mind and heart at the same time and impels you to think. For once my mind and heart agreed to think together, half the objective of Meryl’s quote was achieved. I finally started to think to sort myself. I wanted to do a long list of things, which goes on like …

(1) I want to lose weight and get fit.
(2) I want to write my head and heart out. Could be stories, articles, anything.
(3) I want to make amendments to my so called good habits, like I have always been a “Yes” person, now I suddenly wanted to be a “No” person.
(4) I want to make amendments to certain of my relationships, so going gets easy.
(5) I want to be a great daughter, mother and wife. I find it hilarious when I write this out.
(6) I want to do some kind of charity, which can make a little difference to others.
(7) And lot of extras here, cannot pen them down.

And all I was doing was, getting the wow thoughts into my mind and seal it in the right or left side of my brain, cannot recollect now, which one is for storage. Then like an angel, Meryl Streep walks in and says “Hey babes, have you started any of the work you are planning to do in your life, before you are switched out of the world”. True as she says, you got to start by Starting. Not sure why we wait, if the few steps are not taken, how does the baby learn walking. This lesson we adults, usually forget. Getting older, the only thing we pile up is worries, materials, loans, society pleasing goals, unnecessary concerns and then we forget, if we need to sort, you have to make a beginning, a start. I think I made mine. Adulations to you Meryl.


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