Girl next doors

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As I sat down, settling in my new place, looking around for familiar comfort, turning my head right and left and then I heard.
There was a zoom in through the door, a girl walked in with her daily loads.
With a pleasant smile on her face, she waved at me and I waved back at her and then got back to my daily chores.
It happened everyday, waving at each other, to and fro.
Until one day, the wave sparked into a hi hello there talks.
The talks led to conversations and conversations to hearty laughters.
And then the girl next door became my morning solace.
Every morning, I would put my daily loads in place and await for the door to open in a zoom.
And then I would know the morning solace has arrived.
Bold and beautiful, caring and warmth – I would describe the girl next doors.
With a clean heart and mind, and with her endearing talks, she would take the crowd by a roar.
As she leaves now for a better tomorrow, my heart seems to have lost the morning solace.
I would miss the morning zoom, coffee and the food.
She replenished the emptiness and filled up the life.
I would miss her dearly and wish her luck.
For sure I know, wherever she goes, she would spread her charm.
And her magical spell, such is the ravishing nature of the girl next doors.


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