When I met a guy called GOD

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My heart was beating fast, I took a taxi to my parents’ home. My brother had called up and told that my father would need a by-pass surgery to remove a block in the heart. My mind was churning with thoughts and I could feel me breathe loud. The taxi stopped in front of the gate. I got down and climbed the stairs. My dad met me with a gleaming smile. I could not help but smile back. My brother explained the procedure to me. Not from a medical background, I was trying to process all the information as much as I could. The information settled down, though I could understand at that point of time is that, surgery to be held two days later. 15 years ago, science though had made a lot of advancement, these procedures still caused a scare. It does today too, except that there is so much more advancement technology has made in this field and so much information available everywhere, one could go and figure out answers. We were getting ready for all the formalities of admittance to hospital and my two brothers in constant touch with the doctor who would perform the surgery. Thankfully one of my brothers, being a doctor, himself was blessing in disguise to us.

All formalities were done, but the hospital did inform us to arrange 3 bottles of blood. 15 years ago, things were slightly different. We started the process, figuring out the best ways of making the arrangement. My friend at office, informed me that we could send out a group mail in the office requesting for the blood group we were looking for. I gradually dropped in the mail without much expectations. I was not sure who would respond to a mail that would come from an unknown though of the same workplace. Since I was on leave, I was not constantly monitoring my mails. The next day I logged on and to my surprise there were 30 odd mails, some whose blood group didn’t match but conveying their prayers for my dad’s recovery, few whose blood group matched but were in a different city and how apologetic they felt and few who were ready to come over and donate their blood. In next half an hour, I had spoken to three people and confirmed on their kindness towards me.

As a small child, I was taught to prayer and was told God would give you anything you asked for. As I grew, God became a constant part of my daily life. I would pray, fight and patch up with this unknown power. I considered God as the supreme power who was always watching over us and somebody who would always be available for me 😊.

The day of surgery arrived. The three volunteers came in, donated their precious blood, and I could not thank them enough. Surgery was successful and my dad walked back home much healthier and safer in a week and a half. When the three gentlemen had walked in, these strangers whom I had never seen all my life and probably might never see again, had come in to serve a good purpose. And suddenly I was feeling that here I was meeting God.

God probably could take any form. That day he was in the form of these three gentlemen. When I started observing my daily life, God probably was present in my life every day – in and out. It could be my mom who served me hot food, my husband who would watch me carefully cross the road until I climbed the bus, a friend who would simply buy me a cup of coffee because I was having a headache, a boss who would probably put in some encouraging words because I was having a bad day, smile of my baby which would remove all the tension out of my body, the call my dad would make to find out how I was doing and the list can go on.

Probably he exists in many forms, its just that we need to keep looking out for him …. And then you keep meeting him again and again every day.


3 thoughts on “When I met a guy called GOD

  1. Great observation! 👍🏻😄I believe God is in all…everyone we meet is an aspect of Source..the creative energy. Because,many have forgotten, discrimination and violence towards others perpetuate.. It is hoped more will awaken.. 😇

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