On Mar 23rd, 2021, quite an eventful day in my life, a day of fulfillment and gratitude. It was one-month completion of the first book I co-authored with my close buddy Bhavana. Writing a book was a fantasy for me until one day it turned reality. On Feb 23rd, 2021, we self-published our first book together. It was one of the joyous and the most fulfilling moment I have ever felt all my life.

How did the journey start? Bhavana had approached me on the idea of writing a book together on our life lessons and self-help journey in the start of 2020. I was not quite sure whether I was ready to write a book. As saying goes, you will never know you are ready until you try. My buddy being the convincing personality got me onboard with her in the start of Sep 2020. The journey started but the pace was slowest. We were opening the old scars and gathering all our courage to put our lessons and transformation learnings in a place. Painful at times, joyful at times – it was full of mixed emotions. One element that was soothing and encouraging was, we were in it together . Pushing each other, helping each other, we managed to get our book in the best of its shape and on Feb 23rd 2021, we published it. We called it “9 WELLNESS HACKS”. The book was live for people to buy. It was a milestone achieved. A joy, an inward journey and the most fulfilling soul achievement. I now had a book in my home library with my name as an author on it. I could not have been more tearful.

Photo credits – Bhavana BP

Written in the most simplistic way, it’s a straight pen up from our hearts, learnings from our own journey and with a sole intention of sharing our lessons with the wider world and to make a difference to the readers.

I would ever be grateful to my buddy Bhavana. If not her, I would not have embarked on this beautiful journey of writing. As they say, universe does talk to us either through message or sending people in our lives. We just have to keep a watch out. I am blessed to have watched out. You too keep a watch – universe is always looking out for us.

Bhavana’s Solopreneur venture LET ME LISTEN, acts as a platform for anyone seeking help on various fronts of Mind-Body-Soul. Visit her at or write to her at
Adding a special mention, “9 Wellness Hacks” is her second book. Her first book is “A Daughter’s First Love: Dad”, a beautiful dedication to her hero, her DAD.


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