Trace was pulling out clothes out of the washing machine. Her eyes fell on the Pothos (otherwise called the Money plant). She had bought the plant couple of weeks ago. It was beautiful and full of life. But now, it had planned to wither away, and it was fast catching up with its plan. There was only a couple more leaves left to fall away. She started wondering what had gone wrong. She was best at gardening and her plants never gave up on her. Few days passed by, and now there was only two small leaves ready to fall. Trace had given up on the Pothos and was on working intensely on her article. She had opened her balcony door and then it struck. She left the article to halt at the most intriguing point and ran towards her washing machine balcony. She picked the little plant and brought it to the other balcony. There were many plants already in the balcony enjoying the little sunshine and the breezy wind. She placed the Pothos, next to the yellow flowered plant. She exactly now knew what it had missed.
(1) The company of the others.
(2) The sharing and caring when you are with your own tribe.
(3) The little sunshine and the breezy wind.
(4) The talks and the gossips.
(5) To share the space with your best.

Pothos had now gone back to the same beautiful plant as the one she had picked up. Green leaves were sprouting out one by one.

Trace sat back glaring at the balcony and completing her incomplete work. DON’T WE ALL NEED IT – was resonating in her head, with a light smile lit on her face. Sometimes little things make a difference and things we take for granted in turn were the blessings we have been praying for unknowingly. FOOD for THOUGHT !!!


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