Is Change the only constant thing?

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I was in a training session deeply engrossed listening to what the trainer was teaching. Occasionally, I do listen 😊. As the trainer took us through the different aspects of the topic (it was a technical training), the one thing that struck me hard was “Times are changing, we need to adapt. Change is a constant thing”. Learn new skillset to keep up with the changing times is a common mantra now. It is heard in almost all trainings and all meetings. True isn’t it. Times are always changing – but is change the only constant thing? Interesting query – also intriguing – which struck me as I was glued to the monitor watching the trainer slip through numerous slides.

I rested my back against the pillow on my chair. The training was over. I made myself a coffee and took a sigh. The question was now haunting me. I searched on internet and to my awe – I figured out that Heraclitus, an ancient Greek philosopher who lived around 500 BC had quoted, “The only thing that is constant is change”. He did figure it out long back in 500 BC.

It is true, isn’t it. The thinker or the overthinker at times I am, I took some more time to ponder more over it.

Change is the constant thing. Right from the time we are born to the time we leave the world; life is always changing. From going to school, to college, work, relationships, ambitions – life is constantly changing. But I deciphered more. Few elements in our life grow stronger or weaker as the change takes us through the varied journey.
(1) Our adaptability to the changes.
(2) Our resilience to take in all that the changes bring into our plate.
(3) Our empathetic behavior.
(4) Our big heartedness to accommodate more.
(5) The kindness and compassion we develop on the way of handling varied elements.
(6) Our belief system.
(7) More than all the love that empower us, that teaches us to respect the changes that flows by us in all stages of life.

Aren’t all these constant? The brilliant skillset we have developed as we cope-up with the very term called Change. The difference could be whether the above elements strengthens or weakens is a choice – every individual make. I think I have already made my choice. How about yours?

So also said Heraclitus


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