As I call it

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Reading is something I love doing. I was not a great reader of books until during my graduation times, my bestie popped a novel and compelled me to read. That’s when the reading journey for me began. I love fiction, spiritual, philosophy, autobiographies categories of books. While reading many of the books, the concept of “Soul mate”, caught up with me. I could not really gather what it meant. It doesn’t have to be your siblings, husband, parents or best buddies. It could be anybody who could be one of yours, still the mind was constantly intrigued by this word soul mate.

Then one day, I happened to visit a florist gift shop to buy flowers and gifts for an event. There was this little boy who opened the door for me. Very pleasant, gentle, sweet looking kid and that moment I could feel something connecting. I bought things I wanted, and I left. That was the beginning.

It happened that I constantly visited the shop for genuine reasons or reasons I created. My whole purpose was to meet this kid. I would call him an angel. There was a chord we both struck. We could talk, have conversations endlessly, create happiness around us. The angel would walk me home and I walk him back, funny though. I would always be at the happiest to meet this little angel, somehow God seems to have dropped him on the earth for me. The bright eyes would fill with a constant hope that I would defeat any problems. This whole connection had a special aura to it. It was in all sense, soul soothing.

Then like they say, not all good things last, the angel had to move away. I was petrified, perplexed, and plagued in pain. Too many P emotions. The pain was humongous. This angel was not my blood, not my friend, not my ….. etc., but there was a huge connect. Now I understood what it meant by soul mate.

I realized then my own capability of loving beyond my boundaries, the limitations we set for ourselves, my capability of looking and loving my flaws, my capability of giving without expecting nothing much, my capability of being my own self, all these were released out from within by the angel. It was like lava that flew out of the volcano that was dormant for long time. Some relationships you don’t inherit but make and some make such lasting impact that they cross through the thick skin, onto your soul and become a part of it and it stays there permanently. They make their presence felt even in their absence. They in all terms can destroy you to empower you.

Like Elizabeth Gilbert stated in her novel Eat, pray and love “A true soulmate is a mirror, the person who shows you everything that’s holding you back”. I miss my angel but happy it is now embedded into a part of my soul; I just carry it wherever I go. Bless my soul.


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