The Compassionate

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Trace was flipping through her books fiercely, almost tearing the pages apart. Eyes was swelled with tears and she needed some comfort. The book was certainly not helping. She had been having few disappointments and failures from the past few months. She wanted to vent it out, so that she could feel lighter and figure out the next steps of her life. But she exactly didn’t know how. The last page of the book was now in her hand, torn into few pieces, that’s when she remembered Belle. Belle was her childhood friend, who had known her well. She picked up the phone to call her but then didn’t dial in her number. Belle herself was going through lots of hardships in her life from a year or so. Trace didn’t want to burden her even more. She tried to distract herself, but nothing was helping. The heart was pounding with an immense pain and she got so immersed in it. With whatever ounce of strength that was left in her, she finally messaged Belle about her state. She didn’t wait for a reply and went off to sleep. She was so tired with all the painful tearing she had done, that sleep took over her.

She woke up to her doorbell ringing and to her astonishment, Belle was standing at her door with wide smile. Belle had understood that not all was well with Trace and had decided to give her a visit. Trace and Belle spoke over 2 hours sipping coffee and munching over the goodies Belle had brought with her. Caffeine and goodies can be saviors at the most unexpected time.

Belle had left giving the tightest hug. Trace was feeling much lighter and happier. Belle being the non-judgmental person she always was, offered her lots of good advices and very importantly an ear to listen and a place to dump all the pain out.

Belle continued to be in touch and monitored Trace regularly. In some time, Trace was getting to feel better and at peace and had much clear picture of how she would need to deal with the crisis of her life.

She was glaring at the blue sky and watched the pigeons flap their wings and fly together. Her thoughts had now moved to Belle. She didn’t know what she would call her – Angel who had come to down to nourish her with love, care and faith. Trace was amazed that in one’s life, we do meet people who are:
– Fighting their own battles but yet nurture others.
– They are figuring out their own crisis but yet can stand by their loved ones when most needed.
– They are breaking within themselves but yet are able to hold others.
– They are hiding their tears to wipe others.
– Their own faith is wandering around, but they gather to imbibe faith in others.
– They are finding answers to their own questions but yet figuring out answers for others.
– Their strength is loosening every now and then but yet tightens when its required for others.

She would call them .. Compassionate, Brave, Kind, Strong, Warrior, Humane … she was still trying to figure out the best suitable word.


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