I would not move an inch

Photo by Khoa Vu00f5 on Pexels.com

The dark clouds had blanketed the sky.
The rains were getting ready to pour down.
The windows were flapping loud due to the wind.
But yet, I would not move an inch.

I sat gazing at the dark sky.
Wondering how long it would stay dark.
Thoughts running high in my mind.
With papers flying around due the high wind.
But yet, I would not move an inch.

The season was not so right.
It brought with it, different flavors of life.
Agony and misery playing together around.
And thud came down my favorite pot, onto the ground.
But yet, I would not move an inch.

Then there was whoosh sound.
Down came pouring the dark clouds.
In between the whoosh, there were cling and clangs.
A group of kids were running around with the bells.
Ringing them and drenching in the rain.
There was so much life and hope in them.
The dark clouds had failed to threaten them.
They took it in their stride and made the best of the moment.
And vaguely I could remember …. once upon a time I was like them.
And then, I had moved an inch.


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