To My Dad – Lots of Love

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It’s exactly a week now and I don’t find you. There is a void, that is now slowly sinking in me. I am OK comes out of me, with a crackling sound. I am not used to be without you and now I am preparing to learn how to be without you. Dad, when I look at your photograph with the huge grin on your face, I take pride in the magnanimous life you have had and enormous pain that I would never get to witness it, growing more and more.

“To my Dad, with lots of love.
As I hear your story of runaway boy from a small village to the city, probably n number of times, it always sounded to me like a rag to riches story.
You worked hard; no job was a petty thing for you. The gene of sincerity, dedication, trustfulness had naturally flown into me.
You didn’t understand what dreams meant but you dreamt about bigger things.
You believed in the notion of family, relationships and community and I naturally followed it.
You made your mistakes, and I learnt from them.
The easiness of your smile and laughter, I took it over from you.
Many a times, my friends ask – you are quite a foodie, and I know where it comes from.
You were not perfect; you had your flaws but you were the superhero I always looked up to.
The vital influence in my life you were, every time I had to achieve just to prove myself to you.
We had our fights, our disagreements, conversations that never concluded but yet there was lot of love between us that was left unexpressed.
I am in a place of comfort and love; and you are to be credited for most of it.
Now I long to have more time with you to finish our unfinished conversations. To let you know that, beneath the similarities and the differences we had, you will always be one of the vital elements of my life, whom I will constantly look up to.
A man who created a space of life for me, helping me to grow and every time we had our disagreements, it helped me to grow into more of me.
This void will stay for the rest of my life, reminding me, that you are constantly looking out for us. It would be a part of my journey until we meet again.
To my Dad, with lots of love and lots of pride – in being your child.”


4 thoughts on “To My Dad – Lots of Love

  1. What a beautiful ode to him, something that he will be truly proud of. He will always be there with you, to guide you in every step for the rest of your journey.

    You may not see him but you will always feel his presence.
    You not hear him speak but he will always be there to listen to you when you do.
    And when you ask him for any guidance in life’s matters, he will always guide you in his own way … and your heart will know what’s the right thing to do.

    Sincere prayers for him and sending you my good wishes to make you even more stronger at this hour.

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