Last phase inquiry

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How do we stay connected in a rather busy noisy world? Video calls are the best way. All of us need conversations with ourselves, family, and friends. Conversations could be funny, serious at times or just a normal check. At times, its capable of initiating the line of thoughts, that had taken a backseat in your rather busy head, due to hectic daily routine and lazy weekend naps 😊.

In one such conversations with my friends, which was full of laughter, gossip, life updates – my buddie shot the question – what you mean by “This is your last phase in life”. I remember putting it on a sticky note on the wall adjacent to the table I work on. Every day when I start to work I read the note. I remember writing this note in one of those moments (emotional one .. 😊), which we all have sometime or the other. I had shared with my friends few days earlier, when we were discussing Vision boards and how it enables our will to achieve our dreams. Anything that you are looking at on a daily basis, generally gets edged in one’s mind and we make constant effort to take steps towards it. That’s the beauty of the Vision boards. Credit to whoever came up with it.

As she asked this question, I was probably not prepared with any answer. It was like a surprise question in an interview, and you were never prepared for it. LOL … We spoke a bit around it and had to end the call. But the question remained with me as I was struggling to remember the intentions I had when I wrote it. My forgetfulness credited to my fast aging …

A personal loss had widened my perception about life and the time we have. The time we have, we take it for granted. I probably thought I had another 200 years with me – sounds silly ain’t it? Agree to the point I was silly.

My intention of writing that note and sticking it on the wall – in one of those dramatic moments was to remind myself

– I have time; I need to value it.
– I have dreams; I need to work towards it.
– I have fears; I had to help myself overcome it.
– I have family and friends; I need to invest time on it.
– I have health; I need to preserve it.
– I have money; I need to use it well.
– I have blessings; I need to share it.
– I have a world around me; I need to contribute my share to it.
– And above all – I had me; I had to better it.

In this chaotic life – where we are ever running to meet our daily needs, its time to breathe and value the time we have and probably align our vision and struggles to cross paths. So, when the time comes, you know the job is well done. Probably I found my answer and it’s time to share it with my friends.


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