The LOVE I understood

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Here I go, finished watching a beautiful web series called “From Scratch”. It is a fine love story between an American Student and a Sicilian chef. Many a times, we all binge on series, movies, games etc., and derive a lot of comfort or discover meaning to something we have been searching for. So, when I watched this series, it was all about love – not just between the main characters but between the families they owned.

Love in its entirety is a mix and match of a lot of feelings. It can be broken into many elements like care, affection, respect, devotion, protectiveness and so on. It exists between a man and a woman, between friends, between parent and child, between colleagues etc… It is one of the most fulfilling emotional state one can feel in life.

As I delved into the concepts of love, I wanted to relish the closest and the most beautiful expression of love what I witnessed in my own household. That one that existed between the son (my hubby) and his mother.

During the last days of her life, my mother-in-law had come over to stay with us. My hubby had convinced her to come over and be with us. His soulful intention was to be around her, take care of her and give her the best care (medical and emotional). What I witnessed in the 15 days, was one the most powerful expression of love.

Being a busy man he is, he would make all efforts to ensure his breakfast, lunch and dinner schedule matched hers (he has never matched with mine LOL 😊). He would thoroughly check her medicines box to see if she had taken the meds for the day. He would find time to chit chat with her. He would get the best dhoklas (a gram flour cake) as she relished them. He kept a very close watch on her health – day in and out. Her check ups were followed with regular tests that was required.

I know these are not a big deal but expected from children. But why I write or want to keep an account to share with others is that – many a times, knowingly or unknowingly we fail to respond or provide to the people closest to us. It could be sheer ignorance or taking for granted attitude we have or having that natural notion that we have more time.

What I witnessed in those 15 days – was a sheer love between the two, a love I could never interfere into, a love that totally belonged to two of them, a love which didn’t require words but only actions. And more than all – INCLUSIVENESS – one of the most powerful expressions but a less cared/used one.

Those 15 days, the man had raised the bars for his own son – I hope my son was watching it closely.

PS – On this Valentine’s Day – I wanted to relish what I saw and felt – which hit me hard on my emotional quotient !! – a post dedicated to the man I love and the woman who raised a great son !!.


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