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23rd Feb 2021 – My dearest friend Bhavana and I – together published a book on mental wellness “9 Wellness Hacks” . Its not that we were trained to be authors, hers was the second book and mine the first. As we got closer to 23rd Feb this year, when we completed two years of publishing the book, I had this urge of penning down a writeup of what this journey was about. As usual, I delayed – one part due to my laziness and other part I was stuck in the whirlpool of the worldly chores called work. Yeah keeping my reasons ready …. 😊.

I like writing what I feel, to express my thoughts – just to pen them down gives a different level of soul soothing. I never dreamt of writing a book. It was Bhavana who trusted me with the journey of writing this book, which is close to both our hearts. When somebody trusts you with all their hearts in, it empowers you to do something you never thought you would. Credits to her in turning me into an author and opening me to the world of book publishing.

The book is about our own close experiences or hacks that helped us improve our mental health journey, our own transformation lessons. We are not the same people as yesterday. We are constantly learning and adapting to the world – choice is that either we are making ourselves better or worse.

I pulled out few of our best or my favorites from the book.

Best liners:
(1) “Your light is what the world needs. YOU are what YOU need. It is time to shine on.” – Bhavana BP
(2) “Go with the tide, yet change the wind” – Bhavana BP
(3) “At some point in everyone’s life, there comes an energetic wave of … TRANSFORMATION” – Bhavana BP
(4) “As I woke up and gazed at the mirror, I looked at a face with hair in an untidy bun yet happy .. Rediscovering the ME within (my) self was the biggest gift I could ever give me. – Vidya Banjan

My favorite Mental Wellness Hacks:
(1) Self-Worth, Self Esteem, Self-Love – Worth means Value, Esteem meant respect and admiration, Love – the emotion whose energy is one of the highest in vibrational frequency. Walking with others, no longer meant treading their paths and forgetting my own. I learnt to stand for myself.
(2) Happiness – Happiness is difficult to define. Its an experience. It is an inside job. Our mind can be coached to see the bigger scheme of things so that we grow to see the giant jigsaw of our lives is complete.
(3) Ask for help – Quote from Pooh – “What’s the bravest thing you’ve ever said – ‘HELP’”. Do not hesitate to ask for help. Be brave and reach out for help.

I would call the below – my best favorite from the book

Based on our own experiences, we have derived a method called the ‘FUSSY’ method. FUSSY is important for personal development.
F – Feel your pain points, let it be.
U – Understand more about it.
S – Share it with your closed ones or seek help.
S – Stick to the techniques which have helped you to resolve your pain.
Y – Yearn continuously for a happy mental space – make these techniques a part of your daily routine.

As I complete my writeup, I would stress on the fact that it is so imperative to keep our mental space clean and positive, just as our physical body and the environment we live. The fact that we all need somebody to trust us and confide to, hence building that support system becomes a necessity.

I am building mine – are you – yours?

PS – This post is dedicated to Bhavana for being the part of my support system and trusting me with what I thought I could never do!!!
Bhavana’s Solopreneur venture LET ME LISTEN , http://www.letmelisten.in acts as a platform for anyone seeking help on various fronts of Mind-Body-Soul.
Visit her at https://www.linkedin.com/in/bhavanabp/ or
Write to her at bhavana@letmelisten.in

Note: Our book “9 WELLNESS HACKS” is available on Amazon.in and for US base “Nine WELLNESS HACKS” is available on Amazon.com.


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