Clarity I hold

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As we grow up, there are many a times, our own identify gets associated with people or things. We strive to do better as there is always a point to prove to the people driving your identity or to satisfy your own perception you are holding. When people leave or the things diminish, there is always an identity crisis as the aspect that was associated with it, no more exists. There is always that phase in your life, when you are confused with your own identity, a phase of self-doubt and that miserable feeling within, that might be unexplainable to any.

These are phases in life which teaches you more about yourself. It provides clarity of what life in its entirety is. At times in life, clarity might get hurting, as clarity of the way of life might lead to peace and as humans, I have figured out, the natural intent is to avoid peace because we are used to chaos and the noise it makes.

On a Saturday morning, I write these as I have understood that it is essential to me to pen down my thoughts as way forward.
(1) Losing the person/thing associated with your identity is more like a loss of perception that you were holding about yourself. When it happens, its important to accept that you are independent of it.
(2) When there is clarity in your mind, heart and soul, the first step is to accept the clarity and the peace that comes with it. Never be afraid of the silence the peace provides. That peace is a crucial part of your life’s journey.
(3) There is always going to be a phase of self-doubt, low esteem and those miserable feelings but its important to give yourself one more shot – a shot at trusting yourself one more time, a shot at baring yourself and accepting all the scars and binding it up with your life lessons and happiness you would have created unknowingly. Don’t be scared to peep into yourself and clean up your own house.
(4) One more chance at being brave, courageous, kind and peaceful with yourself as one my close friend had quoted “Universe is probably searching for sorted souls” and you could be one of those.

This has been the most abstract penning I have done today yet I did try to say to myself what I had been trying to avoid. Many of us do!!!.

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