As, I was having a hearty conversation with my bunch of friends, there was parallel line of thought that was wavering in my heart.  I needed to do something – “that one thing for myself”. I have been a blessed person having a varied number of people who walked in my life sharing their stories, funny ones, serious ones but yet leaving a certain amount of impact on my volatile yet steady mind. As the parallel line of thought ran, I knew I would write, build a platform for myself where I would share my line of thoughts, extend it to my friends/ family who would want to share theirs and then probably extend it to people known or unknown, thus continuing the sharing circuit. And that was the defining moment when “SmileCircuit” struck, glued with the tag line “Celebrate Oneself”, “Celebrate People”, Celebrate Life”. The impetus was to share the joys, celebrate our stories, beneath the challenges life keeps throwing and when somebody reads it, it should reverberate – “Ah ah, I know that feeling”.

Continuing the vigour, the most important element I have discovered after spending 40 odd years on the earth is, the element of gratitude. Gratitude to what life gave and to what life took away, as these in its own style, make you elated and humbled mortals. So I decided to pen down the gratitude to people who have made a difference to me in their own style.

  • Family – Parents and mother-in-law, Brothers, Sis-in-laws, Co-sisters, Bro-in-laws, cousins, the Auntie who takes care of my son and more than all – my nieces and nephews
  • Extended family – The Singh Bias family
  • Life’s first buddies – Usha, Kavitha
  • Soul mentors – Surekha, Bhavana, Sathya
  • Childhood angels – Priya, Deepa, Sangeeta
  • The Vs – Vibha, Vidya, Jaya, Vanita
  • Gang – Anupama, Kavita, Lavanya, Arpana, Dhru, Ranga, Kapil
  • Constant food explorer – Sharon
  • Mentor – Anubhav, Ritesh
  • And the most critical ones – my lifelines – my husband Vinod (my backbone), my soul piece –  Vinay (who injected self-trust in me) and my son Sachet (who bettered my life’s perception).

So the journey of the self- narratives of various line of thoughts has just begun.

Welcome to SMILE CIRCUIT!!!

                                                                                                      ——–   Vidya Banjan (VB)

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