The ridge gourd chutney

My mother-in-law had come over to stay with us for some time. Her health didn’t allow her to eat many vegetables including the greens. I am not a very veggie loving person. I mainly love potatoes, spinach, carrots, lady fingers and these were out of her list. Though many veggies don’t catch my attention, butContinue reading “The ridge gourd chutney”

Last phase inquiry

How do we stay connected in a rather busy noisy world? Video calls are the best way. All of us need conversations with ourselves, family, and friends. Conversations could be funny, serious at times or just a normal check. At times, its capable of initiating the line of thoughts, that had taken a backseat inContinue reading “Last phase inquiry”

When it taught me something

The Diwali lights are spreading their joy across the streets, the crackers on their ever high and the people bustling around here and there. It’s a street full of joy, light and energy. The lights are always magical and crackers, a mode of insane energy and happiness. As I watch them from the comfort ofContinue reading “When it taught me something”