Tram No 59

Photo by Josh Hild on

I ran through the lanes from my office, breathing heavily, to catch my tram back home. I reached and it left without me. I looked with heavy eyes, panting and sweating. The day at office had gone well, all in my favour. I received recognition from my Clients, the issue I had been working from a long time was resolved, my feedback with the manager had gone really well, except for missing my tram. The next tram was now scheduled in half an hour.

Inspite of all the good things, I seemed troubled within. I flipped through my phone, looked at a number, flipped through messages, to find there has been no messages from that number for a very long time. I looked around, the streets lighted, group of people chattering happily, the street busy with vehicles running on it.

My memories came rushing to me. The happy times I spent were running probably now in my heart, than in my mind. Unknowingly, there was tears in my eyes. I rubbed it away, so not to be noticed by the strangers around me, except that they were not actually bothered.

In span of few years, things had changed, we had got busy in our world, figuring out the objectives of our own life, but there was something amiss. I took my phone out of my pocket, dialled that number and immediately clicked the red button. I was scared, of an unknown reason. I breathed again. Looked around. There was a mother who had held her crying child tight, try to distract it from crying and in few minutes, the child was laughing, salivating on its mother in joy. I picked my phone again and dialled the number. This time, I waited … not clicking the red button. It rang for a very long time and stopped.

An unknown fear lunged in, why nobody picked the call. The fear now was much greater than the one that held me before I rang the green button. This time it was overwhelming. Tram no. 59 had arrived.  I had to take it home. I got in it, with much resistance, the mind finding reasons to convince the heart that everything was well. But yet, the heart unconvinced, flipping through the phone for messages again and again. It was not convinced to ring again, as the cloud of fear encroached it. This time I could not wipe the tears that was running down my cheeks, all I could do was to turn towards the window and allow it to flow. Dark clouds had captured the sky, just the way it had captured me. A gruelling 45 minutes had passed, my time to get off the tram no.59 had come. Home was just 5 minutes away from where I would get off. I got off and instead of taking the path home, sat on the seat in the tram stop. I breathed again heavily and then … the phone rang. The number clicking on my phone screen and I could not stop crying but this time it was joy. I picked the call and the voice I awaited to hear from years, came across straight from the other end right into my brain and wavering into my heart. I was clouded with joy and then it started raining. Raining in my heart, raining around me, a joyful moment – I wanted to encapsulate that moment within me!!!

“Lets not wait …. lets make those calls which are important !!!


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