Wait is Over

Photo by Marlon Trottmann on Pexels.com

I sat down and looked at him.
He gazed at me with a sternness I had never seen.
The sternness was fierce but yet peaceful.
I watched him with an emptiness in my eyes.
I spoke, that it’s not in me to be victorious.
Tears rolled down my cheeks and I bend down with shame.
Minutes passed by, I heard him speak.
“Rise above your fears”
“Rise above your boundaries”
“Rise above your limitations”
“Surrender to me, I will embrace and release you of your pain”
“Trust me with no doubts”
The voice was soothing and magical.
Suddenly it sparked a light within.
I held my head high, looked him into his eyes.
And uttered, I shall rise beyond my fears, boundaries, limitations and doubts.
I shall trust you wholly.
I could feel my pain unmounting of me slowly, replaced by a slower movement of peace.
The time of total surrender had arrived.
I now, knew I shall rise.
I touched his feet and told, “Welcome home my LORD, the wait is over”.
“Ganapathi bappa mourya”.


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