Blessed Soul

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As I open my eyes I know I am the most blessed soul.
God has been kind to give all that he could give.
But still there was a search for something that was not understandable.
And one day I met. It was beautiful, soothing, and lots of warmth.
I realised I was blessed double. As the days went by, the love for it grew.
It became a part of my soul. But never realised there would be a day when I had to let it go. It was tough, it was hard.
Wondered, if it was meant to let go, then why it had to happen.
It happens with a purpose. Purpose to teach oneself how much you could love beneath all the strength you hold, beneath the flaws you see, beneath the depth of life you think you understand.
For once I thought I would let it go off me completely, then it snapped back to me and said “What’s that you would let go”, a piece of your soul, a piece of you, a piece of the love, “what” ?
I could not let go of something that embeds in the depth of myself.
I thought I snapped it, but I was completely aware that it was just staring back at me from within.
You can never tear a blessing out of yourself. It remains.
I would carry it now with me wherever I go, giving it all that it requires to make it happy.
I am letting go of it, without letting go of it. Ambiguous but it’s the truth.
I live my life my way, with a promise to myself that I would always love it with all that
I have and will be there when it needs me.
I release the pain of holding it tight, to ensure that it doesn’t break me anymore.
The rope of connection will get stronger as I get older, but will not cause pain, instead will allow love to bloom. A love which would soothe the soul and make it worthier to live.
Love becomes devotion, when there is no expectations, but only immense love and prayer.


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