This too shall pass

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The sky turned black, with the clouds pouring down.
I opened the window, the rains flashed in, making my face wet.
I could hear the thunder but was perplexed.
Was not sure whether it was the clouds thundering or my heart.
As the rains poured down, I could feel my eyes getting wet.
Tears rolled down me, as I held myself watching the rains.
My life seemed as black as the sky now, my hope fading away like the light in the sky.
I was not able to say was I happy watching the rains or did it signify my life dooming by.
It was a tristate I was in. Hope, faith, strength slowly perishing away.
I was pondering on what do I hold on to, myself, the loved ones or my God.
Where do I derive the hope into my hopeless state, until I saw a bird fly high in the rains towards the high sky.
It zoomed in through the thunderous rain, flapping it’s wings, pushing itself with all its strength.
As it moved higher and higher, I could see the sky getting brighter, the rain lessening it’s showers and popped from nowhere a radiant dazzling rainbow.
The rainbow flaunting it’s colors. I could see it’s reflection on the water pond made on the road. Words from the book I read, flashed by me.
“God loves you, there is always a rainbow in the clouds, stop crying my child, this too shall pass”.
Yes, this too shall pass, this too shall pass. Bad times don’t last.
Thunderstorms are meant to come, as they bring in rains.
Rains shower the blessings in form of Hope.
Hope that grows the faith within us. Faith building our Strength. Strength will hold us together for a better tomorrow. Yes this too shall pass.


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