Prayer that had changed

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The days have changed, normalcy was lost in our daily lives. Dark clouds and the dark thoughts are hovering among all of us. It is a difficult and trying times.

I opened my balcony door and glanced to catch the view of the street. The street that once resonated with children’s laughter, older ones taking their walks, neighbors grouping up and gossiping had now gone silent. All of us trying to safeguard ourselves within the boundaries of our homes. Life had changed .. for some time at least.

As I write this, I realized the concern and the fear each one of us were carrying in our noisy minds. Beneath performing our daily routine, multi-tasking between work, family, health, and the worldly affairs, there was a mountain of fear and despair, quietly lingering over us, trying to make holes into us .. as much as it could. Ah !! life had changed … for some time at least.

It had … I looked around and I noticed. It had….

There was fear, despair, pain, agony … ah …much more, but with it, there came something more.

There was love, concern, faith, hope, connect that was working itself quietly to overpower the above negative emotions. There was an expression of hope by friends and family even when the heart was doubtful. There were daily morning messages with smiles and loves showing that the world was still a great place to be in. We are all fighting something that is known and vastly unknown but there is an attempt by us to spread messages that could get smile on one’s face at least for few seconds. Sharing old memories and stories was saving us in some way for a better tomorrow. We are all virtually connected but yet we are all holding hands together and urging one another not to give up. We are finding gifs with hearts, kisses and hugs and sending across to each other, giving each other assurances that this too shall pass. And most importantly something had drastically changed, probably for its own good.

The prayers – a year ago, prayers were limited to my family, friends, job, hikes, at times vacations and lot other materialistic things that I desperately wanted. But today, as I wake up to watch the rising sun, to hear the chirping birds, I go down on my knee and pray – “God keep my family, friends, people I know and don’t know safe and make this world as normal as it needs to be.” And nothing more is asked after this.

I am sure, it changed for all of us around the globe. Ain’t it beautiful?


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